History : Liam has ridden since he was 3 years old and his mother used to joke that his first word was "pony". Since then Liam has been addicted to the equine species. He rode cheeky ponies until he ventured to Plumpton College in 1994 where he underwent his BHS training and first ever structured lesson! From here he went to the British Racing School in Newmarket and then travelled the world riding racehorses in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Europe.

He worked for a further 2 race horse trainers in the UK and then decided to cross over to stud/event work where he was lucky enough to work at the Landford Common Stud as the head lad, working with the stallions 'Fleetwater Opposition' and 'Utopian Opposition'. This is where Liam learned to refine his breaking skills with horses being produced like 'Opposition Buzz'. Liam has gone on to ride and break many horses from Dressage right through to point to point horses. There is nothing Liam won't turn his hand to and has a specific interest in 'Problematic Horses'. Liam believes that horses do not intend to hurt or be nasty but that  over 90% of these problems are caused by us humans!

If you are in trouble and need help, please drop Liam a line . . . he would be more than happy to have a chat to see if he can help solve any problems you may have.