Notabadgirl - A 8 year old tb owned by Liam, This lovely mare came to Liam out of training after sustaining a very bad injury, she has had a slow retraining program where she has now competed in her first BE before being turned away. First time out this year she qualified for Cricklands and is currently competing at novice level. 

DiMaggio Chills Dino - Liam rescued this horse 4 years ago as a 'dangerous' horse, he is now training and now competing at medium level dressage and winning many competitions at elementary level. He is built for dressage and absolutely loves his job. He is often described as a big Labrador to deal with on the ground although can be more like a  gazelle at times whilst being ridden.

Billy from the moors has his own following on chills equestrian facebook page. He is sure to be something smart after Liam rescued him from the moors as an untouched 4 year old. Billy has now been gently backed and turned away. Watch this space for further details.

These are the current horses owned by Liam. Other horses that Liam is currently working with vary from young show cobs through to British Warmbloods. In 2017 you will have seen Liam competing in all disciplines and on his second BE outing with Billy Nit Nat he landed a win at Rackham and has now moved her up a level. from local shows to affiliated in showing, BD,BE and BS. Liam also was a ridden judge and overall judge for 3 classes at the Heathfield County Show in May 2017.