Liam has helped me with my green horse a number of times. He is reliable, confident, professional and very talented. Last year I couldn't get my horse to leave the end of my driveway. He has started to rear and totally ignore my leg. Liam confidently rode him and Jack just seemed to know that he meant business. Liam rode Jack three times and Jack has never napped or misbehaved since when riding out. Once we'd got over that hurdle, Liam began introducing Jack to jumping / dressage and general schooling. He has had two bootcamp stays at Liam's yard and several XC practices. Liam has helped me along with Jack so much - including giving me lessons riding Jack - that I recently managed to compete in my first (small!) ODE and Jack behaved beautifully, showing real confidence at last when jumping. Liam because of you I am achieving things that were just dreams last year. For that I am forever grateful. - Mrs Sarah Whittaker
There are talented riders and gifted riders, few are both and even fewer also have the ability to teach, Liam Cornford is one of those very few; his sympathetic enthusiastic approach inspires both horses and riders - the proof is in his results. - Chris Keate - Editor of Equine Health Magazine
Liam is a miracle worker. My 10 year old tb gelding, trigger, never worked correctly and was awkward in everyway. He hadn't done a lot and I lacked confidence as he could be a little unpredictable. I was recommended Liam by a friend, he came out and rode Trig and left me absolutely speechless! He looked like a different horse . . . Liam made it look so simple, he made me the happiest girl to see that my boy was capable of looking so stunning! He even had him jumping 2ft 6 spreads with ease. Not only was it me that was happy, Trigs was too, he loved jumping! Liam is gifted with an amazing talent and I HIGHLY recommend his work. Thank you so much Liam - Miss Nicky Sugars  (I am pleased to report this horse is now excelling in all disciplines and Liam rode alongside this horse early 2015 in a ODE team competition)
Horsemanship is an understatement of this gentlemans ability. Building not only the horses confidence but riders too, Liam genuinely benefits a horse and rider team greatly. Within one session a timid mare was confidently jumping 1m+, Not only had the mare gained the confidence to perform but owner had seen her ability and gained the confidence to try!I need not emphasise Liams riding talent; The competitions, placings and experience do that ten fold.If you are needing a genuine, reliable and rare talent of a man in ANY aspect of your equitation. Liam is unquestionably that person. - Jennifer S Bullock.
Having known you for 22 years it is safe to say you are . . . brave, talented, naturally -gifted, committed, confident, sympathetic, professional, patient, passionate, dedicated, successful and consistently good. You can get on any horse and ride it, you don't have any fear, I've never seen you turn away from any challenge no matter how big or small - you just kick on and go for it, you make it ALL look so easy. You offer owners and horses the ultimate challenge and always get results, you always try to get the best out of what ever you ride - Miss Vickie Richardson
Liam has been the most inspiring person to watch work with horses. Not only does he have incredible 'stickability' but he always remains calm and tactful with all horses and produces amazing results even in a limited time. He has an incredible ability in making you feel at ease and despite his abundance of talent, he never makes you feel embarrassed about your own riding ability. Liam is a rare find in the equestrian world and anyone receiving his help is very lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate horseman at their side. - Miss Kirsten Jones